I was referred to Ressler Property. I'd met with three other Real Estate Agents, all located in the area I was selling my property, Bangor. So it was with a leap of faith my wife and I chose Ressler as they were located on the other side of the Shire.

We worked with Dax and Justin to determine the best marketing approach, including the layout and presentation of our home.

We continued to work with Ressler Real Property and did everything we could from both sides to get the best result we could. At the time you accept an offer you never really know if it's the right thing to do or not and that's how we felt.

It's very rare to get actual confirmation if the price you sold for was the best you could get. We were lucky to get this confirmation twice, showing that Ressler got us more than what we probably should've received in the prevailing market conditions, which had dramatically moved to being a buyers market. Thanks Ressler, you really did do a great job for us.

Peter Arkapaw