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Selling Tips | Ressler Property

Selling Tips

To Help you get a head start when planning your next move, we have provided the following checklists that will hopefully point you in the right direction.

  • Make sure your lawns are mowed and the gardens are presented at their best. Buyers don’t want to look at your property thinking this needs a lot of work.
  • Ensure the entrance way is inviting. A nicely painted door and a clean entry adds to the first impression you are trying to create.
  • Add a coat of paint where necessary. Clean or repaint the walls, ceilings, skirtings and doors. A clean and freshly painted home invites people in!
  • Clean the entire home. Start from the windows and work your way through. Create a gleaming presentation! Have the carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Clear away clutter. Buyers like the feeling that there is room to move and over packed rooms can appear cramped.
  • Make sure your home is tidy. Ensure there are no dishes lying around to be washed, make the bed and make the bathroom look its best.
  • Fresh flowers and a couple of colourful magazines on the coffee table invite you to sit down and relax. Don’t go over the top with strong incense or perfume as some people may have an allergic reaction.
  • Leave on bedside lamps to add warmth. In summer, leave the air conditioner on. In winter turn on the heater or light the fire.
  • Repeat visits require extra effort. Buyers who are interested in your home are always more critical on repeat visits, so make sure the place is just as well presented the second time around.